Friday, 27 August 2010

Every Local Counts!

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A colleague of ours in Trafford and Hulme CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) sent us an interesting link about Hulme pubs. There are some minor errors and it uses the modern boundaries for Hulme but it is informative.
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A presentation on Hulme pubs
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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Manchester's Core Strategy

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There is a consultation on Manchester's Core Strategy(part of the Local Development Framework. A Local Development Framework is a folder of local development documents that outlines how planning will be managed in our area.

We would suggest people log-on, read and respond to it at:

A sample of which below:

Policy H 7

Purpose Built Student Accommodation

The provision of new purpose built student accommodation will need to satisfy the criteria below. Priority will be given to schemes which are part of the universities' redevelopment plans or which are being progressed in partnership with the universities, and which clearly meet Manchester City Council's regeneration priorities.

  1. Sites should be easily accessible to the University campus by walking and cycling.
  2. High density developments should be sited in locations where this is compatible with existing developments and initiatives, and where retail facilities are within walking distance. Proposals should not lead to an increase in on-street parking in the surrounding area.
  3. Proposals that can demonstrate a positive regeneration impact in their own right will be given preference over other schemes. This can be demonstrated for example through impact assessments on district centres and the wider area. Proposals should contribute to providing a mix of uses and support district and local centres, in line with relevant Strategic Regeneration Frameworks, local plans and other master plans as student accommodation should closely integrate with existing neighbourhoods to contribute in a positive way to their vibrancy without increasing pressure on existing neighbourhood services to the detriment of existing residents.
  4. Proposals should be designed to be safe and secure for their users, and avoid causing an increase in crime in the surrounding area. Consideration needs to be given to how proposed developments could assist in improving the safety of the surrounding area in terms of increased informal surveillance or other measures to contribute to crime prevention.
  5. Consideration should be given to the design and layout of the student accommodation and siting of individual uses within the overall development in relation to adjacent neighbouring uses. The aim is to ensure that there is no unacceptable effect on residential amenity in the surrounding area through increased noise, disturbance or impact on the streetscene either from the proposed development itself or when combined with existing accommodation.
  6. Where appropriate proposals should contribute to the re-use of Listed Buildings and other buildings with a particular heritage value.
  7. Consideration should be given to provision and management of waste disposal facilities within the development at an early stage.
  8. There is a currently a potential oversupply of student bedspaces in purpose built accommodation in the planning pipeline when matched against demand from both the projected growth in student numbers to 2014/15 (using a mid range growth scenario assumption) and latent demand from students living in the general rented sector. Therefore developers will be required to demonstrate that there is a need for additional student accommodation in terms of waiting lists for existing places, or that they have entered into a formal agreement with a University for the supply of bedspaces.
  9. Applicants/developers must demonstrate to the Council that their proposals for purpose built student accommodation are deliverable. The Council will not support proposals that are speculative, where there is a possibility that planning permission will not be implemented.
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Good News?

There is an article in the MEN about a company moving into Kilburn House,
MSP. It might be good news for the MSP but will it bring much needed
employment to Hulme?
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